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These days we are going through a lot with the Coronavirus pandemic and being in lockdown in our homes, hotels, or other countries trying to get back home. Vuex Travel has decided to come out with a selection of different Travel Bags that no matter where you are, you will have the essentials. In these critical times, it is important to be prepared for any disaster near you.

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Dominican Republic
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”
- Anonymous

About Me

Hi! My name is Yesenia Vasquez and I am a travel agent. Ever since I was small, I've had the passion to learn about different cultures and food. After my first trip, I fell in love with flying. Seeing this love affair, everyone around began asking me for traveling advice. So I took that opportunity and ran with it. I've been able to use my traveling experiences and love of culture to help others experience the wonders of this world. It brings me the ultimate satisfaction to see people experience everything that they want in their vacations with their love ones. I want my customers to dance, eat and relax in any destination that they may choose. Just enjoying the beautiful vuex!

Why Choose Me

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Wholesaler Program

With much thought and consideration, Vuex Travel started selling Emergency Travel Bags (ETB) due to our love and concern towards our families and neighbors. The current COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the wisdom that has been given to us to prepare early for natural disasters or any other “unforeseen occurrences” that may occur in the possible future.

Vuex Travel’s primary purpose of offering these ETB backpacks is to assist those that have not taken the time to compile their own “Go Bag.” Our initial goal is to make sure everyone has all that is essentially needed for any and every emergency. Monetary compensation will always remain as a secondary goal. 

With this primary goal in focus, we are offering wholesale pricing to individuals who can find it within their situation to sell these bags to a wider market. To assist, we offer wholesale pricing to provide opportunities to disperse our Emergency Travel Bags into the hands of those that need them.

Wholesaler Benefits

International Markets

Our Wholesale Program was exclusively designed to get our ETB backpacks into the hands of customers in the Caribbean and other international markets.

International Markets

As we continue to focus on U.S. continental markets, we allow our import/export partners to expand our sales to those offshore and around the world.

No Membership Fees

There are no special requirements to become a member. There are applications to fill out and no membership fees to access wholesale pricing.

No Membership Fees

We must first confirm the international market that the distributor is targeting. Upon approval, wholesale discounts are automatically applied to bulk orders.

Wholesale Pricing

Our distributors can access special pricing that allows for better disbursement of our products to international markets.

Wholesale Pricing

You get rewarded the more you order. Our wholesale pricing allows our partners to make a better profit on their investment.

Low Shipping Rates

By partnering with import/export companies or distributors who buy in bulk, shipping rates are low enough for effective delivery.

Low Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are not included on bulk orders. Our Wholesale Program allows distributors to save on shipping by delivering more products at one time.

Minimum Order and Deposit

To qualify for wholesale pricing, a minimum of 10 ETB backpacks will have to be purchased. We also ask for a 50% deposit on all wholesale orders.

Minimum Order and Deposit

A minimum order and deposit ensure that prospective distributors are committed to offering our products to offshore markets.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated support team exclusively for our distributors. We offer the best customer service without sacrificing the quality of products or services.

Customer Service

We have assigned an Account Manager to every distributor to make sure your orders and deliveries are accurate and timely.

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