Welcome to our group trips!

Vuex Travel is committed to bringing you trips that are specifically tailored for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our group trips offer brothers and sisters the opportunity to not only travel and explore new places and countries, but to make new friends along the way

Since our #1 goal is to create clean and spiritual environments for all of our group trips, we ask that all friends who are interested in joining us please fill out the attached form with your congregation information. This information allows us to verify that everyone who will be joining us is an active publisher in good standing. Like 1 Corinthians 10:31 says “Therefore, whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory”.

We would like to thank everyone, and we look forward to having you on one of our group trips! Please review the COVID-19 Policy for the safety of all sisters and brothers that join our group trips.


Lets Have Fun!

After more than 2 years, we are here and ready to start traveling together again. Jamaica is the place, our hotel has 5 pools and you can enjoy perfect moments of relaxation thanks to the water loungers and the sun deck. But if you’re someone who prefers the sea, you can use the private area for guests on the beach.

This adults-only hotel provides top dining so that you can taste their chefs’ exquisite creations during our stay: from incredible American buffet breakfasts with live cooking stations, to the best Italian and Asian dishes; and you mustn’t forget to try the authentic Jamaican barbecue which we’ll prepare for you in the beach area. What’s more, there are several bars where you can have an aperitif at any time of day.

So, you can choose from a water park on the side of the hotel, daytime activity programs, live shows in the evenings, parties in the discotech, sports including diving and kayaking near the hotel or doing your favorite exercise routines at the gym. But if you prefer the chance to unwind, we suggest you head to the spa and book a massage, beauty service or the treatment you like the most. We guarantee you will return from our trip totally refreshed.

Just because we are in a group does not mean that we have to stay together all the time. There will be several activities that you can choose to join with the group, it’s all optional. The excursions and activities that Vuex will do, will be notified before attending the trip and you can choose where and when you would like to join. For safety reasons we will have a Whatsapp chat in order to make sure that everyone in our group is safe and to be notified of activities throughout the stay. If anyone has any concerns and/or doubt about anything please feel free to ask before and after booking. We are here to have fun in a safe way.

What does it include?

If you go on an all-inclusive vacation, it means your stay, unlimited food, drinks, activities and entertainment are included in the booking price of the resort without any surprise costs. All Inclusive service hotels offer 24h availability, which means you can enjoy the advantages of this special feature all day long. For example, if the bar has closed after the evening show and you fancy a refreshment, no problem! You can go to one of the self-service machines and help yourself. In addition to as much food as you can eat, all-inclusive resorts typically include all the alcoholic drinks you can drink. Also, transportation to and from the airport in Jamaica will be provided from Vuex Travel. (Covid testing before departure is also included.)

What does it NOT include?

 As with cruise liners, you must pay extra to access outside tours with a guide and spa services. Oftentimes, guided tours are more expensive when booked through the resort than if independently booked. Vuex Travel will plan the excursions together and you will be able to choose which one you would like to do. As we are in a group, companies tend to give us the best deals on excursions; Vuex Travel will be sure to notify everyone before the trip. Also, airfare will not be included. Many of you are departing from different cities, states, and countries. Airfare does vary depending on where you are coming from; because of this, airfare will not be included. However,  if you need assistance for booking airfare, Vuex Travel can help.

In addition, any extra fees incurred by new covid regulations in the airport/hotel are not included. Furthermore, Travel Insurance is not included in the travel packages. Travel Insurance with Cash Refund is estimated to be $300 per person, and Travel Insurance with Travel credit refund is estimated to be $200 per person. You can also see a free quote in www.vuextravel.com with our affiliated partners “Insuremytrip”. Travel insurance is optional, ALL payments are non-refundable with Vuex Travel for any reason. If you do not pay for third party travel insurance, Vuex Travel will NOT refund any payments (for any reason).

*Make sure to read “Covid-19 Policy”, “Terms and Condition” and “Refund Policy” at our website.


Dates: January 13-17th, 2023
4 nights/ 5 days
Check in: Friday the 13th, afternoon
Check out:Tuesday the 17th, 11 am
Age: 13 years old and above. Ages 13-18, both parents present. If not, legal letter from one parent and the other parent present. (No exceptions). All minors are required to have travel insurance or international medical insurance.

Double Occupancy: $999.98 per person
Single Occupancy: $1,366.00 per person

Application Deadline: July 5th, 2022

Deposit Deadline: August 26th, 2022

Deposit Amount: $600 per person

October 14-24, 2023


Day 1: October 14th -SATURDAY – ARRIVAL IN ISTANBUL : 

Arrival and assistance. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel. 


Day 2: October 15th – / SUNDAY –FREE DAY: 

Breakfast – Meet and Greet.. Enjoy your free day in Istanbul.


Day 3: October 16th – MONDAY ISTANBUL CITY TOUR :  

Breakfast at the hotel. Full day excursion through the city. In the morning we will visit La Santa  Sofia, one of the most significant places in Istanbul, a beautiful architectural marvel that we offer  to the visitor; also considered as one of the largest and most imposing churches in the world.  Next, visit the Topkapi Palace, the place where the sultans lived between 1478 and 1856.  Topkapi is not a unique structure, but an organic monumental complex made up of various  kiosks, gardens and scattered areas that are located in the neighborhood or historic center at  the entrance of the Golden Horn. We continue towards the Blue Mosque, admired for its six  tall minarets, terraces and domes that rise in the center of the building; you will see that the  architect achieved his objective without a doubt; perfection with this impressive work. In the  afternoon, the Roman Hippodrome, (Seventh Severe period) … space where chariot and circus  races took place, which served as entertainment for the inhabitants of Constantinople for more  than a thousand years. We will end the day in the Grand Bazaar. At the end, transfer to the  hotel. Accommodation in Istanbul. 

Meal : Breakfast and lunch 



Breakfast at the hotel. At the indicated time, departure by flight to Ankara, capital of the  Turkish Republic. Arrival to Ankara and start an excursion tour in Ankara. We will visit the  Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Departure for Cappadocia, a  historical region of Anatolia, characterized by having a unique geological formation in the  world. Passing through the Salt Lake, we arrive at our hotel, dinner and accommodation. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (semi casual, red attire)



VISIT OPTION | EXCURSION HOT AIR  BALLOON :This is a separate service. The cost is from $290-350. 4am the transportation will depart to either the hot air balloon or photography. If you want to take photos you can not be in the hot air balloon. This service is either or. 

After going back to the hotel and having breakfast, we leave for a  full day excursion. We visit the Göreme Open Air Museum where  we will see some rock-hewn churches, which have interior frescoes. We will continue with the  visit of the Uçhisar troglodyte town. We continue to the Las Palomares Valley. We will admire  the Pasabag Valley (Valley of the Monks) which is also known for the mushroom-shaped fairy  chimneys. We will continue with the town of potters; Go ahead. In the afternoon we will visit  an underground city Serhatlı (or Özkonak), which is several levels deep; it was used by early  Christians as a refuge against enemies during the 6th and 7th centuries. Finally visit a carpet  workshop to see how Turkish rugs are woven, and an onyx and jewelry workshop. 

Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner (no specific attire) 


Day 6: October 19th – THURSDAY- CAPPADOCIA / PAMUKKALE: (600 km) 

Breakfast and  departure to Aksaray. We continue on the silk road and visit the Sultanhan Caravansarai, an  inn, where the camel caravans used to stop. Arrival in Pamukkale. We move to our hotel,  dinner and accommodation. 

Meals: Breakfast,lunch, dinner (no specific attire) 


Day 7: October 20th – FRIDAY -PAMUKKALE – KUSADASI or ESMIRNA: (160 km) 

Breakfast.  Visit to Pamukkale, which means “Cotton Castle” in Turkish for its white waterfalls. Natural  travertine pools are formations caused by hot springs. We continue with the visit to the  ancient city of Hierapolis which was a city of Phrygia and became the episcopal center during  the Byzantine period. We continue towards Kusadasi. En route we visit the House of the  Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus), where she spent her last years. During the journey we will  attend a fashion show that represents the beautiful leather products. Departure to Ephesus,  visit the best preserved ancient city in Asia Minor, which during the 1st and 2nd centuries had  a population of 250,000 inhabitants. We will visit the Hadrian Temple, the Roman Baths, the  Library of Celsus, the Odeon, a theater that had a capacity for 24,500 spectators. 

Transfer to  hotel, dinner and accommodation. 

Meals: Breakfast,lunch,dinner (no specific attire) 



 Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast at the hotel; We will take an excursion to the Greek island  Chíos, the island of Homer, the fifth largest of the islands located in the Aegean Sea: transfer  from the hotel to the Çesme port. Once everything concerning immigration was done, we  stopped at Chíos Island. Arriving in 30 minutes and entering the territory of Greece, we have free  time to walk in the port until 11:00 am, the start of the guided tour. Arrival at the town famous for  the production of Masc, the only place in the world where this tree grows, it is a special plant  resin from the island. We will continue to Kambos, the most noble and distinguished area of  the island, where we will see some stone houses from Genoa, large mansions and citrus farms,  then we will go to the town of Armolia where we will see masque trees and visit the ceramic  workshops. We continue our excursion to the town of Mesta, where we will have the  opportunity to walk through the labyrinthine streets since the Byzantine period and also visit  Megalos Taksiarhis. Free time to meet and taste the delicacies of the local culinary art. Travel  south to the village of Pyrgi, famous for its houses decorated in black and white, and visit the  Church of the Holy Apostle since Byzantine times. Our last stop is at the black volcanic beach  Mavra Volia in Emporios. End of the excursion and time to taste the delicious foods of Greece  in the different restaurants in the area. Arrive and transfer to the hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner (Last Dinner, White Attire semi casual) 


Day 9: October 22nd – SUNDAY -KUSADASI / BURSA / ISTANBUL: (560 km ) 

Breakfast.  Departure to Istanbul via Bursa which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Bursa is a renowned city for its mosques, fountains, Turkish baths and for the production of silk. We will  visit the 14th century Great Mosque, the Green Mosque and Mausoleum and the local silk  bazaar. Departure to Istanbul. 

Arrival at the hotel in Istanbul. Accommodation. 

Meal : Breakfast and Lunch



Breakfast at the hotel. Full day excursion to the Bosphorus. In the morning we will make a  previous visit to the Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Bazaar built in the seventeenth century and located  in the old Eminönü neighborhood in Istanbul. We continue to take the boat for the tour of the  Bosphorus (Private boat) taking place along the Sea of Marmara on both sides of the city: Asian  and European. During this tour you will be able to see monuments such as: Dolmabahce Palace,  Çiragan, The fortress of Rumeli Hisarı, among others… We continue with the visit to the  Beylerbeyi Palace, built in white marble by Sultan Abdulaziz in the 19th century; it served as a  summer residence for later sultans and a guest house for foreign dignitaries. Climbing Çamlica  Hill, known as the Hill of Lovers, it offers a majestic panoramic view of the Bosphorus and  Istanbul. Hotel moving and lodging. Overnight at the hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch 


Day 11: October 24th- TUESDAY – ISTANBUL

Breakfast. At the indicated time, transfer to the airport  to take the departure flight. Meals: Breakfast


*5 Star Hotels (5 nights of accommodation in the chosen hotel in Istanbul, 2 Nights in Cappadocia + 1 Night in Pamukkale + 2 Nights in Kuşadasi) 





Disclaimer: For (Double & Triple occupancy)

If your roommates do not finish paying for their portion, Vuex Travel will modify the prices due to the change. 

*For example: For the triple occupancy room if one of three people can not come to the trip, the price will be modified for the double occupancy price. If a double occupancy room, one of the people cannot come to the trip, your price will be modified to single occupancy. This will still apply if (all parties, some, or just one) have travel insurance or not. The travel insurance does not insure or pay the travel agency for the status of the room. Or the remaining roommates will be responsible for funding the remaining balance for the person that canceled. 


Disclaimer: All payments and deposits are non refundable and Vuex Travel will not give any money back once payments and deposits have been made for any reason. Please ensure to obtain any travel insurance necessary. 

Due April 21, 2023 -1st payment-Initial Deposit 

(to book, and save your spot): Availability will close.





Disclaimer: For (Double & Triple occupancy)

All parties need to do the initial deposit on the same day if not the initial deposit will be incomplete and will not be accepted or the payment will be modified for the accurate occupancy amount. 


Due June 30th, 2023- 2nd Payment: 





Due August 31st, 2023- 3rd- Final Payment  





Disclaimer: For (Double & Triple occupancy)

All parties need to pay on schedule. Anyone that does not pay on time will be moved to a single occupancy and the reservation for either double or triple occupancy will be modified according to the amount people paid. If the person does not pay after the modification 7 days (not business days) later your reservation will be canceled with no refund. Once changes are made, no further changes will be allowed. Make sure everyone in your room pays on time. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Airports In and out transfers according to the itinerary and PRİVATE assistance 

  • 5 nights of accommodation in the chosen hotel in the bed & breakfast regime In Istanbul • 2 Nights in Cappadocia + 1 Night in Pamukkale + 2 Nights in Kuşadası (Bed & Breakfast  and Dinner) 

  • English speaking professional guide 

  • Luxury bus with A / C 

  • Tickets to museums 

  •  Tips for Hotels and Restaurants 

  • Private Boat Tour during the tour (in 23 october) 

  • Chios (Greek Island) Tour & Transfer 

  •  Domestic Flight ( from Istanbul to Ankara ( 20 KG + handbag 8 KG) 

  • Meals according to itinerary- 10 Breakfast, 7 Lunches, 5 Dinners

  • Greek Island (estimate of 7 cities that we going to visit)

  • Turkey (estimate of 14 city that we going to visit)


  • Drinks 

  • Tips to Guides and Drivers: 45 USD

  • International flights 

  • Personal expenses 

  • Optional Tours  (Hot Air Balloon Ride) or Photo Shoot 

  • Some meals not listed in the itinerary  

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Visas for Turkey

  • Extra luggages for the Turkey domestic flight



$15.00 per person Fee + $170 (dresses/ costume)= $170.00per person 

 Round Trip Transfer (from hotel to hot air balloon area and to hotel)  

**photos are transmitted digitally to guests**  

Or,  (can not do both, is either or )

Hot Air balloon price between 295 USD -350 USD per person, (Price may vary)  + $15 fee 


September 15th is when all airfare information needs to be sent via email: arrival and departure information for each guest.

Cancellation/Payment Policy

The total or remaining balance for all trips must be paid 60 days prior to departure (For International travel payments must be received 90 days before scheduled departure). For travel where payments will be made in installments, payments will be accepted at 0% interest. All deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a future date or to another traveler should you not be able to make it for the scheduled travel dates. Deposit payment(s) will be deducted from your total balance. Should you need to cancel your trip or change information on a reservation, please contact us via email at vuextravel@gmail.com or via phone at (786)708-9088.

Prior to filling out the application or making any payments please read the Vuex Travel COVID-19 Policy

Trip Application