A New Zoom Platform Training

For Travel Agents and other Travel Entrepreneurs.

Pivot The Pandemic

An interactive Zoom Class where we instruct travel entrepreneurs on how to magnetize, monetize, and maximize their businesses during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

Hosted By:

Yessy Vasquez - Travel Coach & Agent

Aaron Valley - Business Master Coach

Let us show you the fastest way to restructure your travel business during the pandemic and start generating income in a matter of days.

What You'll Learn From This Course

Travel Training

Industry Facts

We have researched every travel sector and found statistics that will confirm the current state of the travel industry.

Industry Leader Predictions

One of Forbes Top 10 Travel Bloggers of the World will share with us a recent interview with the top CEOs in travel industry.

New Safety Protocols

We will detail the new safety protocols from WHO and CDC being implemented throughout the travel industry.

Business Training

Rebuild Your Travel Universe

With this pandemic it make be necessary to restructure you travel business in a way where there is money to be made. We'll walk you through this process.

Niche Down Your Market

We are going to work with you to define what your unique target market is and the position your business to consistently attract customers and sales.

Travel Monetization System

Making money in travel can seem impossible but we have a proven method that we are currently using to generate sustainable cash flow. And we are going to share it with you.

Course Benefits

This course is stocked full of value.

From the opening minutes and throughout this discussion we will apply some valuable information that will set you apart from 99% of the travel industry around the world. There are over 280 million travel workers and we are willing to guarantee that you will be part of the 1% that actually knows how to make money during this pandemic and for years to come.

This course is a NO RISK offer.

We are offering two things that will make this training FREE. First, if the information we provide is not beneficial to you as a travel entrepreneur, then we will refund you the entire purchase price. Second, if you participate in the interactive discussion so everyone else can benefit from your perspective, then we will allow you to apply the full price to our next course. This next course will provide a more detailed structure on how to implement what you will learn in this first course. It’s like us giving you back the money to invest in more of our education.

This course is a Live event.

Most of these type of online courses are pre-recorded, leaving you to learn on your own. Well, only 3% of people actually finish an online course. So we have made a promise to ourselves that we will always “show up.” We will be there with you the whole way. But we also know that there is going to be a lot of information that you have to process in such a short time. So we will be offering a recorded version of our Zoom session for everyone that stays to the end. That way you can go back over the material in detail after the course is over.

This course is tried and true.

Everything we are going to teach you in this Zoom class has already been tried and proven successful. We are not going to teach you theory. We are going to share a new and more focused way of booking travel. Since the quarantine, we have made over $35, 000 in sales. We have already proven this business model’s success with our own travel business. The customer will feel safe, entertained, relaxed, and happy. If done correctly, they will return again and again each time you offer another trip.


Hear what our other clients had to say.

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Matt Gardner

Founder/Hatura Inc

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Jamie Fox


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